Nine questions you should know the answer to

Is the work carried out by your installer fully trained and licensed by the product supplier?


Employees of One Step Insulation have been licensed and fully trained by Icynene. We do not subcontract any aspect of our work to other installers.

Is your company fully insured with public liability insurance to protect me and my property?


One Step Insulation have full public liability insurance covering the installers on site and the premises during install of the product.

Can you supply customer references for installs you have completed?


All our customers are 100% satisfied with the install before we leave site, therefore we have no problem in providing references for your information on a wide variety of project types. Our Facebook and twitter pages both are updated daily with the install from that day, providing reviews and comments.

What quality assurance measures do you have in place?


Every aspect of our work at One Step Insulation is carried out to meet our high exacting standards. This is carried through from first contact to preparation, installation and follow up customer service. We personally take your satisfaction to be of immense importance.

Where can I find out more about your spray foam product?


More information about Icynene can be found at the following websites:

Does your product have appropriate building regulation certification?


Employees of One Step Insulation are fully trained and licensed by Icynene. Our product, Icynene, is a fully BBA approved product, which means it has been tested to the highest standards for use within homes and buildings in the UK. It has achieved BBA, BDA and KIWA certifications in the UK to all types of buildings and structures. It has been on the market since 1986 and is imported from Canada.

Can your product be sprayed directly onto all surfaces?


Icynene is the first spray foam product to be fully certified for direct application to breathable and non breathable felts. It can be applied and will adhere to all surface types. This includes: bricks, concrete, metal/ aluminium and wood.

What is the blowing agent of your product?


Icynene is the only product on the market that is 100% water blown. All other foams are water-assisted. This means that other foams contain chemicals to assist the foam to react and expand on application to the surface.

Does your spray foam come with a guarantee?


Icynene comes with a 12 month limited waranty from One Step and a 25 year guarantee through Icynene.

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